Terminator Confirmed by Warner Bros

Warner Bros has announced that the upcoming videogame adaptation of the Terminator: Salvation will be released with the film of the launch in May 2009.

The sci-fi romp is currently working on the development at Halcyon Games, and is expected to hit current-generation consoles and PC.

John Quinn, Executive Vice President of Warner Bros. Interactive, commented, "Based on the incredibly strong franchise, Terminator Salvation is a cinematic gaming experience adds that the upcoming movie."

The film takes place during a post-apocalyptic 2018, staring Christian Bale as a human resistance leader John Connor and Sam as a decommissioned Warrington Terminator named Marcus Wright.

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It's About Final Fantasy Trailer: New Dissidia

Square Enix has more at stake, possibly this winter's largest released of PlayStation Portable - Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Marvel as a man with a giant sword proposes transmogrifying seven colors sorbet on certain types of wood with the ears.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a 3D scene bat with a difference: the entire block casting was snatched by Square Enix's venerable Final Fantasy RPG series. At long last a chance, no doubt that Final Fantasy VIII Squall Leon Hart could Sephiroth on all days of the week.

December 18, the game hits Japanese PSP, and hopefully will not be long in the migration toward the west.

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7 out of 15 Famitsu favourites are PS3 games

The run of positive publicity Sony is enjoying this week just got one item longer. Readers of influential Japanese mag Famitsu have listed seven PlayStation 3 games - both multiplatform and exclusive - among their top fifteen upcoming releases, as reported by German site PS3 Life. Those champagne corks must be popping like mad down at PlayStation towers.

Astonishingly, that puts the PS3 ahead of both the Nintendo DS and Wii, which garnered three and two mentions respectively. The Xbox 360 was left to fight it out in last place with the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable.

Titles of note include both Final Fantasy XIII and its brooding cousin Final Fantasy Versus XIII, White Knight Chronicles and the utterly unknown and rather disturbing-sounding (to us, at least) Christmas Kiss.

Here's the full list:

1. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, Square Enix)
2. Dragon Quest IX (NDS, Square Enix)
3. Biohazard 5 (PS3, Capcom)
4. Monster Hunter 3 (Wii, Capcom)
5. Dragon Quest IX (NDS, Square Enix)
6. Chrono Trigger (NDS, Square Enix)
7. The Last Remnant (PS3, Square Enix )
8. Animal Forest [Animal Crossing] (Wii, Nintendo)
9. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3, Square Enix)
10. Ryuga Gotoku 3 [Yakuza 3] (PS3, Sega)
11. White Knight Chronicles (PS3, Sony)
12. Star Ocean: The Last Hope (360, Square Enix)
13. Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP, Square Enix)
14. Street Fighter IV (PS3, Capcom)
15. Christmas Kiss (PS2, Enterbrain)

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