Call of Duty: World at War Kill Streaks Revealed

Following the release of the complete list of Call of Duty: World at War perks and confirmation that the online multiplayer beta will be exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC, we have one more COD5 announcement for you - details of the new "kill streak" commands.

For those of you unfamiliar with this function (which cropped up in COD4: Modern Warfare) kill streaks are awarded when you reach a specific number of kills without dying, and take the form of a special ability which you can utilize against your opponent. In Call of Duty: World at War, Treyarch will be offering something similar giving players special commands for killing multiple enemies.

Here is the complete list:

Recon Plane (3 Kills):

Kill three enemies without dying and you are given the ability to call in a recon plane to mark enemies temporarily on your radar map. The only enemies that won't appear are ones using the Reconnaissance perk.

Artillery Strike (5 Kills):

Kill five enemies without dying and you are given the ability to call in an artillery strike. This is very similar to the Airstrike command in COD4, however, instead of a line of bombs going off, the area in which you select for the drop is completely obliterated in a long series of cannon fire.

Unleash the Dogs (7 Kills):

Kill seven enemies without dying and you enable the ability to call in attack dogs, which will sniff out any enemies on the map. Unlike COD4, attack dogs will find you regardless of where you hide, making it exceedingly difficult to avoid them. Furthermore, killing the attack dogs will only save you temporarily as the hounds will respawn if killed until their time/kill limit has expired.
by J.Pinter

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This Week, Demo of PES 2009 Released

A demo of the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 development of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, will be released on 2nd October, confirm Konami.

Players will be able to five minutes of the game show, the selection of clubs, including teams from Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Barcelona, as well as other national sides in France and Italy.

Encourage retailers images from the PSE 2009 "to become a legend and the line" Legends "and the media are also included.

It is also important to note that the version of the PS3 is expected to address a hot soccer cup for the support, leading to the first Konami title for the system to do so.

PES 2009 is due in October 17th.

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Shaun White Snowboarding for the PSP

Ubisoft has beaten an officer on the date of the next Shaun White Snowboarding for the PlayStation Portable. You can expect touched the powder day in Europe on November 14 and in North America November 13.

Even if it bodes crisply rendered, sensation at high speed, Shaun White Snowboarding on PSP also offers some useful character customization options. You can view the statistics, such as speed and cornering as the experience you gain, and ascend to three stickers on your plate to permanent power-ups.

There are five mountains to conquer - one more than the DS version - and a table of cooperation and competitive multiplayer modes.

Everything sounds very promising, but would Mr. White virtual cruise with the excellent SSX On Road? See this November to discover.

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Silent Hill Too Scary For Australia

We always thought that when push came to shove, Australians were some of the toughest and craziest people on the planet. Witness Australian Rules Football, their more violent version of full contact rugby, for an example. However, when it comes to regulating the video games industry, it turns out that Australians have rather weak stomachs. First, we heard that the OFLC (their official classification board) refused to give any kind of rating to Fallout 3, because it was just so over the top. Now, Japanese games maker Konami finds themselves in the crosshairs of this notoriously tough ratings system.

Upon review of the Japanese company's upcoming survival horror title, Silent Hill: Homecoming, the Australian board decided that they could not rate this title as it was presented. That means that there was no rating strict enough in that country to express how much they didn't like this game. Ouch. So, we are faced with two possibilities. Either Konami has crafted one hell of a psychotic, twisted videogame, or Australians are total nancy boys (and girls). We won't say it too loud, in case there are any Australians lurking nearby, but we suspect it might be the latter in this case.

Silent Hill: Homecoming is a pretty scary looking game. It featues scenes of dimemberment, gore, and violence against (zomibified) women. But besides all of this, Australia has a track record of being tough on any title that even apporaches a mature-only level of debauchery.
By Kris Erickson.

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Famitsu Explains The New Characters of Resident Evil 5

Spoilers in the week, the issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, with a new layer of Resident Evil 5 Information about the new look and the return of women to men who are worlds apart.

Based on the publication, the mysterious woman, dressed in white known as Excel Gion, and served as president of the African Tricell pharmacy. Eagle-eye readers will not remember it in a plantation in the E3 trailer for the game.

Moving on, and the revelation that are sure to have fans salivating at the mouth, swirl, the first images of the famous Albert Wesker - including perpetual sunglasses.

For those not familiar with the Resident Evil saga, Wesker was a reduction in the number of titles during the decade, including Resident Evil (where he served as the biggest stars, the RE5 protagonist Chris Redfield members), Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4.

March 13 2009, Resident Evil 5 hit on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Tenchu 4: Exclusive for Wii

At the press conference, ubisoft was released Tenchu 4, just exclusively for Nintendo Wii. The game will be in North America, Europe and Australia "at the beginning of 2009" will be with us by the development team for the original Tenchu.

In Tenchu 4, the story of the ninjas Rikimaru and Ayame in feudal Japan, will be continue. The game made 10 missions and 50 side quests and questions to give more control to the player, and more acrobatic.

This game is a series' ninth in the west, and the first to take the game of Tenchu Playstation 1, title, Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins.

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"PlayStation 4 Motivate our Observation", Crytek Said

Although Sony has taken steps to ensure that the PlayStation 3 is longer than a general, some developers can not wait for the next piece of equipment.

At the Games Convention in the case of Asia Crytek president and CEO Cevat Yerli said that the PlayStation 4 projects specifications each of Crytek. These specifications should be, first and foremost, of course - the whole world care to predict the date of shipment?

Yerli told IGN: "Frankly, we are linking ourself to what the PS4 will take up as [its hardware] position."That is the console makeup that will drive all our research, so we cannot wait to know what the [machine] will be about. That's probably the most important missing information we have right now in our company."

Crytek tends to make much of the material, with the aim of Crysis injouable almost maximum settings, regardless of your computer. Surprisingly, that will then look with hands on the latest technology.

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Final Fantasy XIII Optimized For PlayStation 3

In the latest edition of Official PlayStation Magazine Australia, Yoshinori Kitase Square Enix is reassuring to requests for PlayStation 3 fans throughout the world. Kitase had the opportunity to examine the length of the course is not everything, in fact, Hashimoto wants to PS3 fans exactly what they expect from the wise-quality game.

Kitase said: "The scenario is pretty much complete and the artistic side is about 80% complete." Of course, this means that the amount of Polish decent still on the left side to shine, as it should be, but good to know how the game is in fact editing (at least in Japan). Fortunately, the owners of PS3, Kitase exactly clarify of Sony's fanbase is really very reassuring, and the owners of the company that the title would be the maximum for the PS3. It was announced that the team tried to specialize PS3, making the game [in sympathy], and then bring in more than 360 of the use and capabilities of condolence.

There is no doubt good news for Square Enix disappointing after the events in the long term.

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L.A. Noire To X360 Because Massive Budget?

IGN has reported everything was quiet on his forehead after the Black GC Asia 2008, where two of the very useful information through the dissemination of Rock project have been updated.

At the outset, it appears that the scope of the development of this game has been reduced by almost everyone. Tom CRAGO, Executive Chairman of Tantalus and President of the Game Developers Association of Australia, in this event, Black said ""could be the biggest budget videogame in development anywhere in the world. It would be safe," Rod said: "in terms of console titles, be in the top ten..."

He claimed that the game can also work on the 360 and PS3. While no formal relations or Bondi CRAGO Rock Group, it is unlikely that this information is wrong. It is logical that if the new intellectual property for the development of spinning, the cost of the rudder, costs approximately 10% more to match the port on the platform, which contributed significantly.

We have teams of Bondi letter is official confirmation, but the answer is pretty certain. We should be more word soon.

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PlayStation 4, You need to Know

If Microsoft is secretly readying a new Xbox to succeed the Xbox 360, then surely Sony must be working on a PlayStation 4?

Speculation is rife that the next console battle will be fought around 2011-2012. This is when Crytek's CEO Cevat Yerli and industry analyst Colin Sebastian believe that a potential Xbox 720 and PS4 could appear.

Recycling PS3 for PS4

To imagine what a PS4 might be capable of we should look at what the current PS3 doesn't have or doesn't do well. For starters, Sony will need to closely integrate the hardware and software development for its next console.

According to SCEA's CEO Jack Tretton: "The hardware guys developed the [PlayStation 3] fairly independently, then dumped it onto the software guy's lap, effectively saying 'do something with it.'"

Considering that Sony spent around $3 billion developing the PS3, it seems likely that it will use an improved version of the Cell processor for a PS4. IBM has already released an improved version of the Cell for its blade servers. The PowerXCell 8i is a 65nm chip, with support for 32GB of DDR2 memory and eight fully-functional SPEs (compared to seven on the PS3).

The advantage of recycling the Cell is that Sony could retain a familiar development environment and use existing code libraries. The modular design of the Cell architecture could also allow extra Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs) to be added to future chips. Twenty or more SPEs might be possible on a single 32nm Cell processor.

And if increasing the on-chip SPEs isn't an option in the proposed 2011-2012 time frame, then a PS4 could incorporate multiple Cell chips. IBM's Cell roadmap includes a PowerXCell 32iv, which appears to feature four PPEs (Power Processor Elements) and 32 SPEs, ie four Cell chips running in parallel.

Inside the PlayStation 4

If the PS4 is a revamp of the PS3, we're likely to see some obvious technology upgrades – 802.11n to replace the existing 802.11b/g chipset; an external power supply (to reduce the size of the box and to improve cooling); a massive hard disk; new graphics processor and an increase in the onboard memory.

The memory architecture in the PS3 splits 512MB equally between graphics and application use and it's been suggested that this limits developer freedom. You'd expect the PS4 to address this issue, giving developers more dedicated memory in which to load game levels. Although it's worth pointing out that the PS3 (and any future Cell-based consoles) can use the SPEs for maths-intensive tasks like physics.

New graphics processor

What about a replacement for the PS3's NVIDIA-built RSX graphics processor? We've already speculated that Microsoft could use Intel's general purpose Larrabee chip in its next Xbox to handle real-time physics and AI. Rumours also suggest that Intel is pimping Larrabee to Sony for the PS4.

Like any Xbox 360 replacement, the PS4 is also going to have a much bigger hard disk. This will be in readiness for a wealth of downloadable content that will include games, demos, music, movies and TV shows. A terabyte HDD isn't out of the question. And in a world that will increasingly be looking to online services for content, does any PlayStation 4 still need a Blu-ray drive?

A PS4 without Blu-ray?

While the PS3 was instrumental in helping Blu-ray beat off HD DVD, there's a strong argument for dropping an optical drive from the PS4 altogether. Console owners are already downloading gigabytes-worth of game demos, video trailers, full-length movies and TV shows. With a giant hard disk in the PS4, games could simply be piped straight to the console on release day; long install/level load times would be eliminated.

Along with the Cell processor, the Blu-ray drive is one of the PS3's most expensive components. The PS3's high price has forced it into third place behind the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Sony will be keen not to price itself out of the next console battle.

As Acclaim boss Dave Perry recently claimed: "Because of the cost of making the PlayStation 3 and because they sold it at a loss, Sony basically has pretty much no chance of making money on the PS3, because it's lost more money than they made during the entire peak of the PlayStation 2 – it's not going to happen again for Sony."

Sony can't simply slash its prices like Microsoft has recently. And Blu-ray is partly to blame. Billy Pidgeon, an analyst at market researcher IDC points out: "Blu-ray licensees would be threatened by pricing the PS3 below stand-alone Blu-ray players. The PS3 is a bit challenged on that side."

Chasing the dream of a digital hub

Do consumers really want a PlayStation 4 that does everything? Sony's next console needs to be a machine that plays the best games. Just like the PS2 did. The PS4 could go one of two ways – a premium all-in-one box that offers Blu-ray, integrated playTV and a much larger hard disk; or a pure games machine, stripped of its expensive technology in favour of mass market appeal?

Whatever the PS4 looks like, the final question to be asked is: when will it launch? Sony's Kaz Hirai has already given us a hint: "If you look at the history of the way we've managed our console business," he said, "we always try to hit a 10-year life cycle "

That might put any PS4 launch back to 2016. But when you consider that the PS2 is still chugging along in the shadow of the PS3, a PS4 could easily sit alongside and overlap the existence of the PS3.
By Dean Evans

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Its About Call of Duty 6

At the end of 2009/2010, Call of Duty 6 will be released, confirm Mike Griffiths, Activision Publishing CEO.

If it seems too early to announce the installation of the next game even before they are affected for the time being, at least we know the call of duty, including 6 polite enough, what Infinity Ward concentrate fully on 6, Treyarch while filled The Call of Duty 5: World at War.

There was no information released about the game, and perhaps we can game treyarch the invitation of Treyarch's Call of Duty 5, but we continuesly jump to the world of war and 2: warefare modern, rather than confusion.

Stay tuned for more information on The Call of Duty 6, because it's free.

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Online Now : MGS4 Animation Study

Just a person from a small country so it lost in May, but leads the design company softimage have to some extent on the article in full of animation in the action Kojima's epic Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Here, the guide snake through the process of animation for the PlayStation 3, according to the stage of the stories before being placed on the complexity of the surgery face and animation, mapping normal, and the Group and other constraints of technical terms that you only makes sense if many of the high resolution .

It is bound to read as follows wonderful, and then make you comfortable.

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FIFA PS3 Not Compatible For PC?

1-3%??...Yes, only 1-3% of the game on PC could run the versions of FIFA 2009 console.

"The PC version of FIFA 2009 is different to the PlayStation 3 versions because of the CPU processing power required for the architecture of the game", said a staff member on EA's UK forums.

"The majority of gamer's PC's do not have enough CPU processing power for this architecture. If the architecture was identical to the PlayStation 3 version, FIFA 09 on PC would only be accessible to 1-3% of the PC systems on the market," he continued.

We are under the assumption that 1-3% is the quad-core with water cooled SLI Brigade, which would probably be too busy to medium Crysis to the settings in any case.

I do not know for you, but we all have, instead of with the processing of the quiff Cristiano Ronaldo and Frank Lampard moving well. That is the status of the people.

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October 21, Eternal Sonata Available on PS3

The gorgeous animated title RPG Eternal Sonata coming on the Playstation 3 to October 21.Its according to a Namco Bandai Newsletter.

There are several reasons, to all of you, Xbox 360 gamers, why Eternal Sonata worthwhile can be another look at the PS3. For example, the PS3 version contains new characters (Crescendo and Seranade), additional footage, new costumes, additional quests and new music.

Make month for Eternal Sonata.

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PES-2009 Dating from the UEFA Champions League Showed Mode

MCVUK release that Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 hit PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 to 17th October.

No PSE would reveal, without the strange jab in the direction of the EA-rivals the FIFA series, PES and team leader Jon Murphy not disappointed. “It is all very well for EA to say that FIFA is making great strides, but general opinion suggests that they still have a long way to go before they can match the intuitive and absorbing gameplay of Pro Evolution Soccer." he said MCVUK

“That is not to say that we are resting on our laurels, though, PES 2009 has a vast number of new additions that elevate it far beyond anything anyone else is doing." Murphy added.

What supplements, you ask? Well, how extensively a new license of the UEFA Champions League mode, so that the licensing agreements with Manchester United and Liverpool? Add to a chart development, improvements, Amnesty International, revisited and control "of the main improvements Online", and you are looking for a tasty game with two halves. Lionel Messi, the game of the new star.

The PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable version is also under way.

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The Last Harry Potter Title, Delay

The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince next video game adaptation, was pent up in the summer of 2009 in order, which coincides with the release of the film, confirm Electronic Arts.

The title pencilled was originally to publish this winter, but given the film's late, it was decided that the game's up to the released next summer, when it is available for multiple platforms, including PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Robert Nashak, Vice President of EA Casual studios, “We’re excited about the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game in development and its high level of authenticity and playability,” comment Vice President of EA Casual Studios, Robert Nashak.

“We are creating an immersive game experience that Potter fans around the world will really enjoy playing as they fly and duel their way through the story of the film. The game will feature new Wii gestures and increased gameplay capabilities across all of the platforms.”

July 2009, Half-Blood Prince hit cinemas. A precise release date for the game has not yet issued, but they expect to encounter some records at the same time as the film.

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Get Ready for COD

Multiplayer BETA's Xbox 360 and PC was announced and east Kick Off in October according to new message on the Call of Duty.

The MP BETA live players games new frameworks of the system, as well as fans favourite kill advantages and bands-all preparations for the full year Combat, which begins on 11 November 2008 Call of Duty: the war in the world is released to the national distributor.

It seems that the PC multiplayer BETA wont be limited and perhaps also open to almost all desires, and try it. The mere mention of seats is limited for the Xbox 360 and no beta details were published about this.

For now, you can use a beta-Spot pre-order from arrest Thursday, but the operation is for North America. The first step for all others, the website for Call of Duty and wait until the next steps in this process. The members, the first to know how whether beta details are released.

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This Holiday, X360 Beat Playstation 3

Divnich eats at the Electronic Entertainment Design and Research has argued that the Xbox 360 will prefer Playstation 3 of this feast, in a controversial advertising married with EDGE Magazine. The analyst said Sony should "strongly believes, " cut the price of equipment before Christmas.

"[Between Sony and Nintendo,] Sony should be the most concerned [about the 360's price cut]," Divnich declared. "...Going into this holiday season, the PS3 will not only have the highest price point, but also the smallest software library, weaker line-up of exclusive titles (compared to Xbox 360’s Gears of War 2 and Fable 2), and a less popular online network."

Divnich claimed that manufacturing costs underlay Sony's refusal to shave a few figures off the PS3 price tag. "I suspect that the reason why Sony has been so adamant about maintaining its current price point is because it has not reached a more efficient scale in its manufacturing of the PS3."

"Long-term, I don't think anyone doubts the success of the PS3," he went on. "However it is currently looking like the Xbox 360 will win another holiday season against the PS3 in North America."

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Released : Pure Trailer!

As regards, first as a set of ATV SSX, now a solid race in securities, contrary to well with the evolution Studios, Rift Pacific Motor Storm on PlayStation 3

Black Rock Studios as developers, Pure mixture Off road with a freestyle race and waterfalls turn. In this new trailers, developers of a fashion show called "Freestyle", the player is fighting for the greatest number of points while maintaining fuel, a withdrawal of smaller towers and power-ups.

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Capcom RE5 debut to new controls on the TGS?

Jun Takeuchi producer of Resident Evil 5 confirmed that Capcom will show a brand new "Gears-like" control system for evidence of Survival Horror Tokyo Games Show next month.

This step is previous references to E3, where Takeuchi said, “…don't be surprised if at the Tokyo Game Show, the controls are different... I'm not confirming or denying anything, but we like to surprise people."

Currently, Resident Evil 5 uses the same rules that control over its predecessor, which many a critique of the press Thursday in the wake of a playable demo of the title appeared on the E3 and Leipzig. An overview of current site CVG, the presence of some form of coverage.

The Tokyo Games will be held on October 9-12.

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October 17, SOCOM Will Arrive in Europe

LivePlay3 site reports that Sony's upcoming tactical shooter SOCOM: confrontation will be published across Europe in three different incarnations, October 17.

Enabling consumers to buy titles on PlayStation Network for EUR 39, vollschlank or a Blu-ray version with or without a helmet for EUR 59 and EUR 39, respectively.

However, we've yet to know further information from Sony official.

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