"PlayStation 4 Motivate our Observation", Crytek Said

Although Sony has taken steps to ensure that the PlayStation 3 is longer than a general, some developers can not wait for the next piece of equipment.

At the Games Convention in the case of Asia Crytek president and CEO Cevat Yerli said that the PlayStation 4 projects specifications each of Crytek. These specifications should be, first and foremost, of course - the whole world care to predict the date of shipment?

Yerli told IGN: "Frankly, we are linking ourself to what the PS4 will take up as [its hardware] position."That is the console makeup that will drive all our research, so we cannot wait to know what the [machine] will be about. That's probably the most important missing information we have right now in our company."

Crytek tends to make much of the material, with the aim of Crysis injouable almost maximum settings, regardless of your computer. Surprisingly, that will then look with hands on the latest technology.