Final Fantasy XIII Optimized For PlayStation 3

In the latest edition of Official PlayStation Magazine Australia, Yoshinori Kitase Square Enix is reassuring to requests for PlayStation 3 fans throughout the world. Kitase had the opportunity to examine the length of the course is not everything, in fact, Hashimoto wants to PS3 fans exactly what they expect from the wise-quality game.

Kitase said: "The scenario is pretty much complete and the artistic side is about 80% complete." Of course, this means that the amount of Polish decent still on the left side to shine, as it should be, but good to know how the game is in fact editing (at least in Japan). Fortunately, the owners of PS3, Kitase exactly clarify of Sony's fanbase is really very reassuring, and the owners of the company that the title would be the maximum for the PS3. It was announced that the team tried to specialize PS3, making the game [in sympathy], and then bring in more than 360 of the use and capabilities of condolence.

There is no doubt good news for Square Enix disappointing after the events in the long term.