CryEngine 3: PlayStation 3 Versus X360

With a view to CryEngine 3 (the last iteration of Crytek's incredible technology), in this month's Edge Magazine, Mark Atkinson, Crytek, the director of technology, has much to say about the console versions of the engine. "Everyone said we can not on a console," he smiled, "We did it." Yes, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of CryEngine 3 ", medium and high-spec PC Settings" and comes complete with all the dynamics of the landscape and destructability Big Brother, it is, we have great hopes for games on this beast.

Developing cross platform technology was not easy, but as said Atkinson. "It is difficult, but we have a strong PS3 engine with all the systems, Spus. With middleware, what you want is for someone else to do everything so that development can bring on the games. We have parity between the two platforms at the same speed. "Even if the" same speed "clearly depends on what the machine that, in the case." If the game is heavy shaders a bit faster on 360, if it is difficult to calculate the physical and particles, then take Spus, and it is a little faster on PS3." Via: thesixthaxis.

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Messi The Stars of PES 2010

Some screnshoot PES 2010 has been released by Konami. This Screenshoot shows a significant increase. This game feels more real and it's graphic is very sharp.

The young Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, seem to be the icons of this PES 2010. The plan, Messi will be the cover of this game. Besides it, the image of the players also look more detailed, even the texture of the skin can be seen. Lighting effects are also more dynamic. Including the emission of the sun nearly the same as the real situation.

So, wait attendance ..

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Astro Boy Present at PS2, PSP, Wii and DS

Game Astro Boy will soon be released by Conduit Developer and D3 Publisher, following it's film version launching on October 23 this year.

This Movies based Ozamu Tezuka's work is produced by Imagi Animation Studios. The voice Astro Boy is Freddie Highmore, a famous British actor, while Nicholas Cage, as the planned as Professor Tenma.

So, wait presence.

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