Capcom RE5 debut to new controls on the TGS?

Jun Takeuchi producer of Resident Evil 5 confirmed that Capcom will show a brand new "Gears-like" control system for evidence of Survival Horror Tokyo Games Show next month.

This step is previous references to E3, where Takeuchi said, “…don't be surprised if at the Tokyo Game Show, the controls are different... I'm not confirming or denying anything, but we like to surprise people."

Currently, Resident Evil 5 uses the same rules that control over its predecessor, which many a critique of the press Thursday in the wake of a playable demo of the title appeared on the E3 and Leipzig. An overview of current site CVG, the presence of some form of coverage.

The Tokyo Games will be held on October 9-12.



September 3, 2008 at 5:30 PM

Thanks for the heads up, Nano. I loved RE4, "tank controls" and all, so I wouldn't really care if they stayed the same. However, it's good to see them changing it up. Hopefully they include both control options into the game.

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