BioShock for The PS3 Goes Gold, Arrives October 21

PlayStation 3 owners will finally get to venture into Rapture for the first time this October, as 2K Games announced today that BioShock will arrive for that console on October 21.

Internationally, the title will see a slightly earlier October 17 release.

PS3 owners who are unsure of the title are encouraged to download the free demo from the PlayStation Network starting October 2 (this Thursday).

The PS3 iteration of BioShock looks roughly the same as its Xbox 360 counterpart, but 2K has sought to distance the two titles with the inclusion of some PS3-only content.

For example, BioShock for the PS3 contains a Survivor difficulty mode, Trophy support and PS3-only DLC that will "be available for download shortly after launch," the release said. Pricing and availability for the DLC was not immediately available-Jack Loftus.