Detective Young to Mobile

I am absolutely adore poorly translated versions of the press. One day, I intend to compile a book of coffee table. I like a game when I read lines like: "To participate in the resolution of the spirit of cracking puzzle game that will test his mental awareness to the limit!" Unable to resist, huh?

Therefore, Singapore developer Ozura has the love of his latest puzzle game based on the detective, Detective Young, Pocket Gamer. Taking on the role of LKCC most of the city's young hero, his job is to overcome the Terrible Blobbers spirit whose sole purpose is to cause chaos and destruction in the city that once they spotted.

"Detective young mobile offers nostalgic Thursday, newly evolved ways of adventure and great challenges that add to the dependence of action to solve the puzzle. We are delighted to add to our young detective," said HEMah, Ozura of marketing veep.

The game involves placing colored pins on the tray to prevent the Terrible Blobbers Mind "by the explosion of bombs before the deadline runs out. Because of the impending release, press the" Monitoring No! " For young Detective news, as it through filters.

It is their honor not to do less!