MotorStorm Evolution

The view on the left to get in a state of euphoria if you look at the lush forests, vast ocean, and radical sunset. During the May-like sound of heaven on earth, to the right a reality is slung mud in your face, roaring engines, and the next rider shows in the direction you in arrogance. Welcome to the Pacific Rift, where challenger Motor Storm come to work and play.

Storm Pacific Rift Engine simply click on retail shelves with a bang, and rightly so. For those of you on the fence, but we have a list of titles of the coolest aspects, as well as several screenshots comparing the original title to the Pacific Rift.

- Pacific Rift offers players the opportunity to finally play split-screen multiplayer with their friends. Unlike the first tranche, which many complaints about the lack of this game mode, Pacific Rift gives you and three friends the chance to find out who really numero uno.

- While Storm engine users had eight tracks to race on, Pacific Rift is a doubling of the courses and has an impressive series of 16 tracks. As had been enough to get that adrenaline pumping and blood flowing, just imagine what kind of excitement four earth, four in air, water and fire will bring four four tracks.

- Not only in the Pacific Rift back to the original seven different classes of car, but it also leads gamers to the huge monster truck. Not even child, you know you want to dominate the other vehicles on the road to work each morning - here is your chance to live out that fantasy.

- The original Motor Storm was only you dirty or dusty roads to race on. Pacific Rift builds on the idea of one or two areas to bring at least five. These locales are volcanic mountains, beaches, jungles, caves, and a sugar factory.

- Online gamers can Blaze a new trail in the 16-player online races. That's right, 16 players per race. This is certainly a ton of damaged vehicles, broken bones and spectacular crashes.

Make sure you fill in energy drinks when you start to play, because there will be a bumpy ride.