Resident Evil 5 Costumes So Real

Capcom Jun Takeuchi said that the clothes through the main character in the next edition of horror Resident Evil 5 in detail, so you give illusion of "breathing".

The company has been trying to advance to the realism of the title may be, and thus has allowed protagonist Chris Redfield clothing items from real life, even more fiber.

"The footwear and gloves the main character wears are all based on real items. We contacted the makers of those items to find out all the little details that go into making them, that way players don't have a sense of the game being completely divorced from reality,” boasted Takeuchi.

“And that's how we were able to realistically recreate the proper specs for the items used in the game. When you look at the trailer, you see the main character's clothing and all the fibres that comprise it.”

"We really paid attention to the details. We made it so that the fabric of his shirt actually gives the illusion of breathing like its real-life counterpart; it is also decidedly different from the heavier material that hangs down below it."

Since the March 13, 2009, Resident Evil 5 than ten years after the destruction of Raccoon City (as in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis) and see the return of veteran series, Chris Redfield, seeking the origin T-virus that leads to a remote village in Africa inhabited by location wild.