Crysis coming to PS3 in Q2 2009...Its real???

Crytek will relesae the liberation of Crysis combined with the new extension of Warhead on the Xbox 360 in Q4 2008 - Q1 2009, followed by a PlayStation 3 version in Q1 - Q2 2009.

This is according to a source of PSU. The source says that Crytek focuses on each system's nuclear-Threading, and the team of their time with the PS3 version, learning to use the Cell processor as efficiently as possible order to push a better quality of textures, improving the AI, and much more.

It's longstanding rumors that Crysis will be an appearance on consoles at home with the latest rumours, indicating that the game is 50 per cent in value of new content (Warhead expansion), timing it "Crysis 1.5."

For more update as soon as it is available to us....stay tuned